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We are here for you! Every woman experiences situations in her life in which everything becomes too much or simply cannot go on.
A conversation can help.

Women often experience rejection, unequal treatment, devaluation and much more.

Many are not sure whether they are experiencing violence.
Violence occurs in many ways.

For example, it is violence if he

  • threatens
  • insults, humiliates
  • lockes up and monitores
  • controlles and keeps away from your friends and relatives
  • punches, pushes, kicks, chokes…
  • forces you to have sex
  • blackmailes and threatens to kill himself if you want to leave

We know that many of our clients have experienced various forms of violence.

Everyone has a right to a life without violence!
Get active!
Get help and support for yourself (and your children)!

From women

We are…

  • Social workers with various additional counseling and therapeutic qualifications
  • Committed to women’s rights and gender equality
  • guided by the feminist principles of solidarity, respect and partiality
  • independent of party, denominational or ideological ties
  • We are a member of the bff (Bundesverband Frauenberatungsstellen und Frauennotrufe) and the association of women’s and girls’ counseling centers against violence in Lower Saxony.

We continue the tradition of the oldest autonomous counseling center for women in Braunschweig and are a specialist counseling center for domestic violence.

We are here for you!

Give us a call:

0531 3240490

For women

women approach us

  • of all ages, cultures and sexual orientations
  • who simply want to talk,
  • who have experienced violence, need information on the Protection against Violence Act or want to go to a women’s shelter or are leaving a women’s shelter
  • in difficult relationships or partnership conflicts
  • For initial information and when thinking about separation & divorce
  • with questions about coming out/ lesbian lifestyle, women’s couples counseling
  • with a wide variety of issues: discrimination, anxiety, self-esteem problems, decision-making difficulties, grief, financial problems, life crises, problems at work, depression, …

…with all the issues that can move women.

Possible goals in our consultations can be

  • develop a way of dealing with stressful experiences
  • Building confidence in your own abilities
  • Recognize your own needs
  • Learning self-care
  • to accept
  • to find out your own wishes
  • to go your own way

These are all examples from our day-to-day work.
You can come to us with your individual concerns.

We support women with different experiences and unique life plans.
We do not work with solution patterns. We work in a resource-oriented way and support you in developing a perspective.

With women


  • advise personally
  • also offer advice in English and Spanish and can provide interpreters if required
  • offer events and group offers on various current topics
  • collect information and provide information about offers and events of other institutions and groups in Braunschweig
  • provide advice anonymously on request and are subject to confidentiality
  • For long-term consultations, we ask for a personal contribution (based on income)

Our counseling is based on our special knowledge of female living and socialization conditions.

Our premises have barrier-free access. Please let us know if you wish to use it.


The women’s counseling center is a registered association

Here you can find Excerpts from our statutes (PDF)
Here you can find the
Concept of the Women’s Counseling Center (PDF)

Register court: Braunschweig Local Court
Register number: 4000

Would you like to become a supporting member?

Support the work of the women’s advice center with a monthly donation:

Sponsoring membership form (PDF)

Thank you very much for every donation!
IBAN DE41 2501 0030 0901 0763 00

Here you can donate via

Our work would not be possible without financial support.
You can help us with your donation!

When you donate, you help us, for example, to

  • to make our advisory and support services available to the required extent
  • to finance the personal contribution for the long-term support of individual women
  • expand our prevention services
  • Offer digital and/or face-to-face events
  • to do public relations work and reach more women
  • Provide group services for affected women
  • Financing interpreters

Are you interested in working as a volunteer in the Women’s Counseling Center Association?
Do you have special skills or would you like to take part in events?

Please contact us!

Contact us


Women’s counseling center
Steinweg 4
38100 Brunswick

Phone: 0531 3240490
Fax: 0531 3240492



Women’s Counseling Center Braunschweig


Opening hours:

Mon / Wed 10 – 12 o’clock
Thu 2 – 4 pm

If you would like to make an appointment, simply give us a call.
Appointments are also possible outside opening hours.


How to find us:

Steinweg 4
38100 Brunswick

Streetcar lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 10
Bus routes 230, 411, 412, 413, 416, 418, 422, 423, 493
Stop at “Rathaus”.


Donation account:

Thank you very much for every donation!
IBAN DE41 2501 0030 0901 0763 00


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